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Oh wow, where to start. Okay, my name is Louise; I live in London but was born and raised in the sticks of the Shire – well, not Lord of the Rings style but more along the lines of Worcestershire (the county that nobody I speak to knows about).

When I was 18 I decided to chase my dreams - I moved to London to start a degree in Television Production at Middlesex University with the ambition to be an Editor. Unfortunately, I worked my way through University and relied on working at a bookmakers to keep a roof over my head, which meant that I was unable to gain the much needed and valuable work experience (that I now preach to students about) that would have helped me to kick start my career in the TV industry. Enough about what I haven’t done. Let me go on to what I have done…

I graduated in 2009 with First Class Honours in BA Television Production, although I had no experience in the field I managed to work 20+ hours a week at the bookies and juggled hard work that certainly paid off to gain me that degree certificate. I then went on to be a Deputy Manager at my branch (in bookmaking) and although this was not at all what I imagined I would be doing after graduating, I stuck with it until my current job at Middlesex University came along. Currently I work as an Academic Assistant to the Media Department, it’s a great job and I really enjoy working with the students.

I am a firm believer in dedication. If you are dedicated to something, you can achieve a great deal and find new pathways to getting what you want and reaching your goals. Lest I digress.

So about my blog… Obviously it’s a blog, but it’s one that I keep quite personal to me. Everything that I post about, I have a genuine interest in. Some things get me more riled up than others, but I try to convey my opinion in the most diplomatic way possible – I prefer to be able to provide information alongside my opinion – I suppose to me it makes my opinion seem that little bit more credible.

One thing I have learnt about my opinion is that only a selection of people will want to hear it, however if it’s written and backed up with information then they are more likely to like it.

Anyway, enough about me and my opinions – I really hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to contact me: - l.ayliffe@googlemail.com.

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